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Education 4.0: The role of Digital Transformation and AI in the future of Education Environments.

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Impact borderless Digital is an initiative to provide mentorship to youths in Kenya and Africa at large; so as to equip them with skills that can help them attain global citizenship. The concept of thought leadership is the foundation in which this platform is built. Having interacted with the founder, Dr. Nashon Adero, I found that his vision is in line with my beliefs. In a Zoom forum, I had a chance to shortly share my perspective on how Artificial Intelligence, specifically my research areas and interests of Natural Language Processing, Data Science, and Technology-Driven Organisational Change can be leveraged to help provide resilience and antifragility during and after COVID-19. If you target to only get my presentation: you can safely skip to the block between minute 58 and 1hr 30 minutes.

Below is a short summary for the presentation:

Germany has been able to overcome, or are seen to be performing better than other countries because it has two major factors: As a country, they have systems in place that they can already leverage in the situation. e.g. the BASIS platform used by the University of Bonn. Another example is the Robust health care system that can easily be called to accommodate indeterminate situations e.g. the manner in which Germany was able to handle patients from neighboring countries. The second factor is to do with the German culture. The German literally believes in the rule of law and will abide in it with discipline, this has helped to avoid things like total lock-down because the people can follow social distancing guidelines.

What we learn from the German's response to COVID, is about preparedness. Being able to have settings in place that allow you to be antifragile (borrowing from the book Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb), in such a manner that should tragedy or disruptive situations come around, you have something to leverage so as to thrive. As it is, during COVID-19 we strive to be resilient but it is better to be antifragile rather than resilient. Companies such as ZOOM (the platform on which the discussion was carried out) and Amazon have actually accelerated business during the COVID-19 situation, showing that they had a platform in place that would thrive under such situations.

Education and Role of Technology: as an expert in AI and NLP, I view the future classroom as a virtual environment where the teachers' and lecturers' roles will shift from the instructor to the mentor. I borrow from an earlier experience with a mentored-learning class environment when I was taking my undergraduate thesis. In the mentored-learning classroom, the student teaches himself and the work of the teacher is then simply to guide. I picture the future classroom as a portal where students go through course content, and the teacher participates in giving special assistance and evaluation. To achieve this, we need need to accept the role of technology. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning should be employed in learning platforms to assist teaches and learners by automatic analysis of performance and course contents. In general, AI is no longer a debate issue on whether to adopt or otherwise but now a necessity. It is therefore incumbent upon an individual, a student, or a professional to gain skills and apply settings around themselves such that they can leverage technology to stay in the future. We also note that

Hopefully, you enjoy the whole discussion (2hrs of the discussion we had)


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